Legal Concierge Services
Nationwide Court Reporting & Video

The Concept

A legal concierge supplies all services needed by attorneys from discovery phase through trial. Midwest originated this concept and is a single source for all court reporting and trial support needs.

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Concept in Action

One telephone call sets Midwest's Legal Concierge Service in motion: shuttle service to/from airport for conference or trial participants, arrangements for hotel accommodations and the coordination of all litigation details pre, during and post trial.

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Conference Rooms & Catering

Comfortably-appointed conference rooms are available for client use at Midwest’s corporate headquarters, satellite offices and network locations. Expert in-house technicians facilitate all electronic equipment. Catering of breakfast, lunch and dinner is available for all meetings.

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Video Conferencing

At all Midwest locations and globally networked firms, technically-enhanced conference rooms are available and equipped for video conferencing, whether meeting participants are a thousand miles away or just across town.

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Mediation/Arbitration Suites

These facilities provide a non-threatening environment for all participants. The suites’ electronic equipment and on-site technicians enhance presentations. Refreshments are available.