Wonder Women PhotoMotivated by a strong sense of urgency in her professional life, a pull to help others and a desire to step outside of the mainstream, Debbie Weaver found entrepreneurship to be the right fit and created Midwest Litigation Services, a court reporting, video and trial services company, in 1985. While leading her company for the past 30 years, Weaver has made sure to mentor others and be involved in the community. “I hope that I was able to help and serve all of our clients that support us each and every day,” she says. “I am hopeful that throughout the day, at some point I mentored and helped one of my employees and thanked as many people as I could along the way.”

In addition to cultivating an environment that is responsive to both her clients’ and employees’ needs and supports their success, Weaver seeks to bring others who are in need of support into her circle. “Through the Women Lawyers’ Association and the Association of Legal Administrators, I have been involved with their Women in Transition program,” she says. “I hired an ex-drug abuser who had served time in prison and who has ultimately become not only one of our top performers but a highly respected source of inspiration for the rest of the staff as well. She has since been able to regain custody of her children and become a productive member of society.”

Outside of Midwest Litigation, Weaver is involved with a number of community organizations, including working with budding high school entrepreneurs at Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, where she coaches them for a business competition. “It has been a pleasure to share my business savvy and real-world experience with them,” she says. “Their enthusiasm and creativity are truly inspirational. Wherever I can, I strive to help others through both direct action and fundraising efforts.”

Community involvement, especially for child-related causes, is very important to Weaver and is a core component of Midwest’s culture. “When we are unable to donate our time, we give money,” she says. “Giving back to our region’s culture and economy helps residents and other local businesses thrive, grow and give back in turn.”