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Midwest Litigation Services Launches Dollars for Depositions Program

Midwest Litigation Services announces the Dollars for Depositions program, which will provide up to $21,000 in funding for deposition services for the Missouri Coalition for the Right to Counsel (MCRC), a non-profit partnership that allows young attorneys to gain case and trial experience by taking on cases from the public defender’s office on a volunteer basis, thus helping to ease their caseload.

“After learning about the important work that MCRC is doing – a private-public partnership bringing swifter justice to the indigent – it was an easy decision to join many of our partner law firms in supporting their efforts,” said Debbie Weaver, President of Midwest Litigation Services.

The Missouri public defender’s office last year saw a 12 percent increase in cases to 82,000. MCRC was launched earlier this year to help ease that case load, and founders believe it could make a significant impact in the future, potentially creating a model for other states facing similar challenges.

“I was astonished to learn that the Missouri public defender’s office ranks 49 out of 50 states in terms of funding per case, and with such tight budgets, public defenders are only able to depose four percent of cases and take only one percent to trial. We are committed to being part of the effort that changes that,” Weaver said.

As part of MCRC efforts, the Missouri State Public Defender’s office has trained 100 volunteer lawyers to date. Currently, 52 active cases from the public defender’s office have been assigned and accepted by MCRC volunteers, each of which is eligible to take advantage of the Dollars for Depositions program.

“This Dollars for Depositions program is not only exceedingly generous, it also validates that our volunteers are doing important work and others, like Midwest, are out there to back them up as they represent the indigent defendant on the front lines of the justice system,” said Richard Scherrer, chair and co-founder of MCRC.

In addition to the scheduling and coordination provided by Midwest Litigation’s internal staff, many of the independent court reporters and videographers in their network have pledged support as well.

“We believe everyone deserves access to a good defense. If you’re assigned a public defender, it shouldn’t be limited because the state doesn’t have the budget,” said Weaver. “We know how important the discovery process is to building a strong case, which is why we are supporting this program with deposition services.”

Midwest Litigation Services is Pleased to Announce Two Promotions to Director

Midwest Litigation Services is Pleased to Announce Two Promotions to Director

In light of continuous company growth, Midwest Litigation Services (MLS), a court reporting and legal services provider based in St. Louis, MO, is pleased to announce the promotion of Mark Ward and Carrie Lewis.
Mark Ward has been promoted to Director of Operations. Mark joined MLS in 2013. Prior to that, he spent 5 years as a practicing attorney, and over 20 years in law firms and services industry management. Mark earned his J.D. in 1991 from St. Louis University.  In addition to overseeing the operations of the company, including the IT group, Mark’s duties have expanded to include key input into MLS’ growth strategy.
Carrie Lewis has been promoted to the Director of Finance. She joined MLS in 2015, with over 24 years of financial experience coupled with 13 years in management. Carrie has a B.S. in Accounting.  Carrie now oversees the Billing and Accounts Receivable Departments, in addition to Accounting.
“We’re thrilled to have Mark and Carrie take on greater leadership roles within the company,” said Debbie Weaver, MLS President.  “Their unique and considerable talents make them each very valuable contributors to the continued growth and success of MLS.”

Midwest Litigation Services is Excited to Welcome New Director of Business Development

mls-kristianrobertMidwest Litigation Services is very excited to welcome our new Director of Business Development, Kristian Robert, to the Midwest team. He is ready to use his distinguished skills and background to assist our clients.

Kristian has spent the past 14 years in sales, with much of that time at Fortune 500 organizations. His overall goal is to align Midwest’s services to the needs of customers and to earn their business through trust, integrity, commitment, and competence.


Nancy Hopp Inducted as Fellow of Academy of Professional Reporters and Chairman of National Court Reporters Foundation

Midwest Litigation Services’ Chief Operating Officer, Nancy Hopp, was inducted as a Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters and was also installed as Chairman of the National Court Reporters Foundation at the National Court Reporters Convention and Expo held in Chicago August 4th-7th.


In bestowing the Fellowship to Hopp, Tiva Wood, National Court Reporters Association President, stated that, “This professional distinction is conferred upon a person of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the field of shorthand reporting.”

Hopp was also installed for a three-year term as chairman of the National Court Reporters Foundation, where she will direct fundraising efforts in support of the Foundation’s philanthropic programs, such as the Veterans History Project and student scholarships.


Debbie Weaver, President of Midwest Litigation Services, said, “Nancy is an inspiration to me, and to all those in the reporting profession, as a leader and an educator. NCRA’s mission to promote excellence among those who convert the spoken word to text and to support members in achieving professional expertise is faithfully upheld by Nancy.”

Midwest Litigation Services is Pleased to Announce the Acquisition of Flynn Legal Services

Midwest Litigation Services is pleased to announce, effective September 1, 2016, the acquisition of Flynn Legal Services, a court reporting, videography and trial consulting firm with offices in Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Flynn’s mission statement aligns perfectly with that of Midwest, providing a natural fit between the two companies:  to provide the highest quality customer experience by anticipating client needs, immediately responding to requests and providing state-of-the-art litigation-related services, technology and support.


“This is a win, win, win. It’s a win for Flynn because it allows us to see our vision continued at a much quicker pace. It’s a win for Midwest as they expand their footprint and continue to provide added value and services. But most importantly, it’s a win for our great clients” said Coy Flynn, President of Flynn Legal Services.


Debbie Weaver, President of Midwest Litigation Services, stated, “This acquisition allows us to expand our reach and bring state-of-the-art legal technology and service to yet another market. I believe that this will be a huge benefit to our clients, and I’m excited that Coy and Sarah Flynn will be involved in the business moving forward.”


For more information about Midwest Litigation Services or this acquisition, please contact Adam Weaver, Director of Special Projects at or 816-221-1160.


Debbie Weaver Named 2016 Wonder Woman

Wonder Women PhotoMotivated by a strong sense of urgency in her professional life, a pull to help others and a desire to step outside of the mainstream, Debbie Weaver found entrepreneurship to be the right fit and created Midwest Litigation Services, a court reporting, video and trial services company, in 1985. While leading her company for the past 30 years, Weaver has made sure to mentor others and be involved in the community. “I hope that I was able to help and serve all of our clients that support us each and every day,” she says. “I am hopeful that throughout the day, at some point I mentored and helped one of my employees and thanked as many people as I could along the way.”

In addition to cultivating an environment that is responsive to both her clients’ and employees’ needs and supports their success, Weaver seeks to bring others who are in need of support into her circle. “Through the Women Lawyers’ Association and the Association of Legal Administrators, I have been involved with their Women in Transition program,” she says. “I hired an ex-drug abuser who had served time in prison and who has ultimately become not only one of our top performers but a highly respected source of inspiration for the rest of the staff as well. She has since been able to regain custody of her children and become a productive member of society.”

Outside of Midwest Litigation, Weaver is involved with a number of community organizations, including working with budding high school entrepreneurs at Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, where she coaches them for a business competition. “It has been a pleasure to share my business savvy and real-world experience with them,” she says. “Their enthusiasm and creativity are truly inspirational. Wherever I can, I strive to help others through both direct action and fundraising efforts.”

Community involvement, especially for child-related causes, is very important to Weaver and is a core component of Midwest’s culture. “When we are unable to donate our time, we give money,” she says. “Giving back to our region’s culture and economy helps residents and other local businesses thrive, grow and give back in turn.”

Midwest Litigation Services and Global Legal Discovery are very proud to announce their partnership

Midwest Litigation Services and Global Legal Discovery are very proud to announce their partnership. These two steadfast companies have joined forces to offer a wide array of services spanning the entire litigation life cycle, from forensic document collection, ESI processing and document hosting, through court reporting and video services in the discovery phase, to war room support and trial presentation in the courtroom.

Debbie Weaver, President of Midwest Litigation Services, stated, “We are dedicated to providing a legal concierge experience and are constantly looking for services that could make our clients’ lives easier. Partnering with Global Legal Discovery will allow us to offer an impressive, comprehensive collection of solutions, simplifying the provision of state-of- the-art litigation-related services.”

Founder and CEO of Global Legal Discovery Manuel Kaloyannides reflected on the partnership by stating, “Midwest shares the same commitment to customer service which is the foundation of our amazing 15 year success here at Global.  In the discovery business the reality is that you are only as good as your last deliverable and that is how we run our business. Midwest Litigation Services clearly embodies the same focus to customer commitment and we are proud to have them as a Partner.”

For additional information regarding our entire range of services, please call 800-280-3376 or email



Headquartered in St. Louis, with ten additional regional offices and over 250 nationwide affiliates, Midwest Litigation Services provides comprehensive court reporting and transcription, litigation management, trial technology and support, and mediation services.


For additional information about Midwest Litigation, please contact:

711 North 11 th Street

St. Louis, MO  63101

(800) 280-3376



Global Legal Discovery is a leading provider of discovery solutions that include forensic data collections, electronic discovery, and review technologies. Directed by a team of recognized experts in electronic discovery and advanced analytics, Global continues to raise the bar by designing defensible workflows that include preservation, quarantine and forensic collection of data, predictive coding, relevancy ranking, and cross-lingual search technologies – to name a few.  Global utilizes the best of breed technologies from our partners Access Data, Minds eye,  Venio, Content Analyst, iPro, NUIX, and kCura’s Relativity to name a few.  Global’ application of customer service, project management, and technology have collectively made Global one of the fastest growing companies in the eDiscovery space as recognized by the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.


For additional information about Global Legal Discovery, please contact:

Brad Reed, Vice President

Global Legal Discovery

208 South Jefferson Street Suite 201

Chicago, IL 60661

Office:  (312) 669-8800

Lisa Herder presents on ADR to China Ministry of Justice Delegation

Lisa Herder, Director of Business Development for Midwest Litigation Services and Aequitas Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, recently presented before 20 officials from the China Ministry of Justice at the State Capitol in Springfield, IL. Hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Herder provided an overview on best practices in mediation and mediator selection. Herder’s program was one of a series of presentations on the U.S. Civil Mediation System arranged by the University’s China Executive Leadership Program (CELP). Started in 1993 this collaboration between the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (SAFEA) and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has provided executive training programs for more than 5,500 Chinese executives. The UIUC has become the major training center for SAFEA in the United States. Through the programs China and the United States have benefitted by the many friendships and mutual respect and understanding that have developed as a result of the time the executives have spent studying here.

Debbie Weaver Received 2015 Spirit of Justice Award

Midwest Litigation Services’ President, Debbie Weaver, received the Spirit of Justice Award for her outstanding work contributing to the integrity of justice within the community. According to a representative from the Saint Louis Bar Foundation this award, “recognizes lawyers, non-lawyers and programs that have demonstrated accomplishment, leadership and integrity to foster and maintain the rule of law, and in facilitating and promoting improvement of the administration of justice.”

Weaver works continually with several organizations including: the Motion for Kids, Let’s Start, Read Across America, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Women in Transitions. Her actions and dedication help to maintain justice throughout our community.

Debbie Weaver and the other award recipients were recognized at the 2015 Spirit of Justice Celebration on Friday, October 16th at the Grand Hall in Union Station in St. Louis, Missouri.